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From LA > Melbourne, Keira Rae is Available Through The Talent Assembly

When we asked one of our most influential creatives, Keira Rae, what she wanted to include in this media release the first thing she said was “I’m a girl boss who doesn’t wear pants” which is undoubtably the perfect way to describe everything that is Keira. Unapologetically herself, Keira’s no frills attitude and down to earth lifestyle has made her stand out from the rest with her blog and business

Jumping between Melbourne and LA, Keira runs with whatever life throws at her. “From telling police in London that I lived on Ramsay Street and that Harold was my real life uncle just to hitch a free ride across the city - To pretending I was reality TV stars from Scandinavia to get my pals and I into an event. I guess most days involve somewhat crazy adventures.” Keira’s daring humour and style mixed in with her creative eye for details and a dash of vodka make her editorials and feature pieces something to be remembered. “I thank the lord everyday that regrowth got a fancy name like balayage, and than my unbrushed morning after hair is apparently sexy bed hair” .

Keira has over 42.5K followers on Instagram alongside a massive following on her blog. There’s no doubt this girl works hard to get what she wants, working with brands such as Vans Australia, Abrand Jeans, First Base, Tigermist and Luv AJ. “What started as a place where I could share my stories and make people laugh at my misfortune wherever they may be has grown into a platform where I can draw from every chapter of my life”.

Keira is available for any media releations, bookings and collaborations through: Matt Huxley,, 07 3806 1753 | Anna Budd,, 07 3806 1753.

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