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The Talent Assembly Kicks off 2016 with a BANG

To start off 2016 with a BANG, The Talent Assembly is excited to welcome FIFTEEN new additions to the Family. As one of Australia’s leading creative talent management agencies, The Talent Assembly represents some of the best digital talent across the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Fitness sectors, not only in Australia, but globally. At the forefront of the digital talent movement, The Talent Assembly is key to connecting consumers to products and brands.

As a true success story, The Talent Assembly Director Jeremy Hansen built the agency from the ground up.. “I launched The Talent Assembly in late November 2014 with two talent on the books. We worked incredibly hard, day in and day out and we have grown at such an amazing rate. We represent some of Australia’s and the world’s leading creative talent, and work with some of the most incredible clients. We are at the forefront of digital talent management and these new additions to the family are to show for that”.

The Talent Assembly’s newest additions include, across the fashion sector: Joel McLoughlin (@gallucks) with a 60.9K+ following over his Instagram, Youtube and Blog within the men’s fashion industry, Aggie Goss (@style_by_aggie) with a 74.2k following over her fashion inspired Instagram and Blog (, Beau Bressington (@iamtheyoungblood) with a 6k following on his fitness Instagram and YouTube, Shannon Valle (@thefashannmonster) with a 8.7k+ following on her beauty and fashion inspired Instagram and Blog, Sandy Lai (@kitkityan) with a 13.k+ following over her Instagram and fashion Blog, Nellie Lim (@nellielim) with a 40.2k+ following over her Instagram and women’s fashion Blog, Chrystelle Audette (@chrystelleaudette) with a 21k+ following on her edgy fashion motivated Instagram and Blog and Arna Alayne (@arnaalayne) with a 25k+ following over her fashion and beauty based Instagram and Youtube.

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